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Irrigation System in Federal Way, WA & Greater Seattle

Hiring a professional who can install a new Federal Way, WA, irrigation system in your residential or commercial landscape could make your life easier by eliminating the need to water your grass, flowers, and bushes on a regular basis. At Viko Landscaping Inc, we can design a new system to match the size and style of your landscape. We'll pay attention to even the smallest details of your project.

Friendly and Professional

We know that supplemental watering is an ideal way to create a thriving landscape, and we'd like you to realize that if we install a new irrigation system in your yard, you could reduce the amount of water that your property consumes. As we're a full-service landscaper, you can trust us to finish a variety of projects around your home or just hire us for your irrigation system.

To accommodate your other obligations, Viko Landscaping Inc is available seven days a week. Contact our team if you'd like to learn how a Federal Way, WA, irrigation system could improve the looks of your landscape.